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The people behind the product.

Celtic Whisper Gin is a collaboration between tv personality Dermot Clemenger and Revsunds Distillery

Dermot is an Irishman and gin enthusiast who has been living and working in Sweden for the past 20 years. He is best known to the Swedish public for his role in the judging panel of Lets Dance. He is a former dance champion and author of the book Fly från Monster.

Tommy and Henrik who are the men behind Revsunds started their journey in 2016 when they brewed their first beer. In 2019 they distilled their first gin and have since distilled many award winning Gins, Rums and Whiskys .

The team have combined their love of gin and craftsmanship in distilling with their heritage to create the first product of this collaboration, Celtic Whisper Dry Gin.

Dermot Clemenger
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